Use of UVC

Disinfection of water using UVC technology protects the environment and finds use in many industries, such as general water management, aquaculture, treatment pool and drinking water treatment plants, disinfection of well water, waste management, air condition industry, gastronomy, meat industry, health care, disinfecting surfaces and more. This purely physical process eliminates the use of chemicals to a minimum.

We supply various germicidal systems and accessories. We will advise you whether it is a simple disinfection equipment for pond and pool water, or equipment intended for professional disinfection in the manufacturing sector.

UV-C wavelength 253.7 nm, its bactericidal effect is ideal for UV disinfection of air, water, land and food. DNA micro-organisms using UV-C radiation is so distorted that further copying is not possible. Therefore, the use of UV disinfection is very diverse.

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