DVG - series, electronic ballasts

DVG - series, electronic ballasts


System features:
digitally controlled, fast assembly plug-in connections, power up to 2 x 500 Watt, compact shape, enhanced re-start, efficient operation with regard to energy efficiency.

Electronic ballasts DVG series are specially designed and manufactured for operation of low-pressure amalgam lamps. The devices are ideal for use in power 500 Watt lamps. All types of ballasts can be installed into existing UV sets and implementations. Ballasts have their own intelligent signaling, based on which you can monitor the status of devices, such as preheating, start, and they are built into that report faults via LED and audible alarm signals. They are made in the type series 200, 260, 500, 2 x 500 and 4 x 200 Watt. Ballasts can be optionally equipped with soft power settings.

EVG - series, is intended for use in UVC systems to supply low-pressure lamps T5 and T8 as follows:

UVG, UVT 40W LED lamp 30 - 60Watt

UVG, UVT 80WHO LED lamps 60 - 120Watt

Ballasts are designed for industrial use and in challenging operating conditions

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