Submersible UVC lamp series SE/41W POMVZT

Submersible UVC lamp series SE/41W POMVZT

Submersible UVC lamp series SE/41W POMVZT VZT valve type for the free installation.

Power 41 Watt

Reactor length 849 mm

Lamp life 9000 hours

Low pressure UVC lamp T5 in a quartz sleeve for direct application to water, for installation in piping and filtration systems. The quartz sleeve is held with locking rings NBR. In the case of damage of the quartz sleeve, you don´t have to replace the fittings. Electronic ballast is in IP56 ABS case, cable length 2m 230V, mains cable length 3m.Installation by a professional company only. 230V socket needed for utilization circuit breaker and overcurrent protection.

Use for swimming pools, swimm ponds, koi ponds and industrial use.

Recommendation: for horizontal installation is recommended to use an alternate set of fitting POMDIN that allows permanent installation of the reactor. Replacing lamps with then through the back of the gland, it is not necessary disassembly cell lamps and drain the water from the filter tanks, including quartz sleeve fittings installed in the exchange remains under water.


Assembled in the Czech Republic. Exclusively from parts made in Germany.

Optional Accessories (not included with the product):

- Holders for mounting gear box on the wall

- Additional removable wall flange FL-POM for installation in filtration systems and piping

- Alternatively using a coupling POMDIN

- Extension cables according to customer's request

Note: Contact us with your questions and recommend the best setup for your specific application.


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