UV monitoring

UV ICS Monitor 16

UV - ICS Monitor 16 is in conjunction with UV - probe, designed for monitoring UV - resources and their management for smaller germicidal device. The monitor is intended to be built into the device board. All connection points are located on the junction box, located at the rear of the unit. On the front side of the next three static signal LED, located 5 control buttons and two-line display alphabetical for comfort control and signaling measurements and other data. The data to be displayed, including the measured data can be accessed via the buttons. Using these buttons, you can also control the overall setup and programming.

Display shows a very good readability, all programming via control buttons, so no need to connect with your computer. Without any modification, is Monitor 16 compatible with a wide range of sensors. You can connect a sensor for flow measurement, calibration of the sensor values ​​using the Menu without any tools. Open modular programming. Monitor is under IP65 protection. The customer can add logging of all values​​, the additional complement of sensors, such as temperature, conductivity, pH-value.

Integrated functions such as operating hours counter, remaining lamp life, sensing data, data needed to replace the lamp, lamp outage, alarm.

Certification according to the applicable EU legislation and DIN.

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