UV sensors

UV - sensors for sensing the intensity of UV radiation

UV - the sensors are available in different versions for sensing values ​​of liquids and air. There are also sensors for measuring values ​​as relative and absolute values​​. Sensors with absolute measurement, is individually calibrated for reliable measurements at any distance to the source of UV light.

Sensors are flexibly configurable and adjustable to the desired optimum. For water germicidal UV devices offer plug sensors that are inserted through the waterproof housing made ​​of stainless steel, which are equipped with a quartz lens, the sight glass. In the case of maintenance and servicing can therefore be removed without additional sensor assembly operations and without dewatering, as housing remains mounted on the machine. The sensors are supplied with angle scanning from 30 ° to 360 °. The systems are also suitable for drinking and mineral water, a declaration of conformity according to DVGW-laws or ÖNORM.

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